Machine Evaluation / Remarketing

If borrowers do not comply with your payment agreements, we take over the securing and repatriation as well as the storage in our modern alarm-secured halls of leased or financed machines. We strive for a cooperative cooperation with the lessee in order to achieve out-of-court security and minimize the risk of litigation. After securing, we can, if you wish, take over the inspection of the machine by an independent sworn expert.

In the event of imminent insolvency of the lessee, our main focus is on a fast and flexible securing and return of the leased goods, thus promoting ambiguities in connection with the question of ownership in favour of the lessor.

We carry out inspections and checks of the leasing goods at borrowers all over Europe, focusing on the desired test contents and documenting them completely.

  • Existence of the financed and assigned objects as collateral,
    and, if desired, the marking of the goods
  • Inspection and documentation of the condition and functionality.
  • Compliance with contractual agreements, e.g. subletting, unauthorised shipment, etc.
  • Clarification and documentation of the whereabouts of non-existent goods.

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